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General Uses of Your Thermal Cherry Pit Pillow

For cold use- put in freezer/ For heat use- put in microwave!

 For Cold Use of Thermal Cherry Pit Pillow

~Use as Ice Pack for swelling or pain

~As an Eye Pillow

~Sinus Pain

~Keep in cooler for sporting events! 

For Hot Use of Thermal Cherry Pit Pillow

~Arthritis, gout , inflammation

~Menstrual pain, abdominal pain

~Joint Pain, fibromyalgia pain

~Tired sore, stretched out muscles

~Leg Cramps or spasms

~You can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your pillow before you heat is up!



Kids Love Them!

~Used as a Bed Buddy or warm snuggly.

~Put warm pillow by sleeping baby for comfort(Always check temperature first!)

~Parents have mentioned they are great for keeping hands busy while on long car rides!

Teachers Love Them!

~Kids with autism love the weight of the pillows.

~Of course great teacher gifts:)

~Children that have a hard time focusing in classroom like these in their laps . 

Office Workers Love them!

~ Cherry pit pillows can be placed in front of your computer as a support for your wrist and hands.

~Used as lumbar support for your back while at your desk long hours.

~Place on your neck for tired, sore muscles.

Fun Facts about your Thermal Cherry Pit Pillow

~Your Pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric

~Made with cleaned, sterilized and scrubbed cherry pits.

~Pits are dried without the use of harmful poisons or chemicals.

~Environmentally friendly

~Pillows are portable, good for travel

~Pillows are very Therapeutic

~No strong odors emitted, maybe a tinge of a cherry smell:)

~Dust and Allergen Free

~Safe to use

~A natural remedy

~Every time you heat your pillow up it is cleaned and sanitized!

~Your Thermal cherry pit pillow can last for many years and hold heat or cold very well.

Great gift idea for ANYONE! 

~Employee or Corporate gifts

~Teacher or bus driver gifts

~Family and friends

~Holiday gifts

~Birthdays  and anniversarys

~People getting chemo or cancer treatments

~Wedding gift

~Put one in each of your guest rooms

~Kids going away to college

~Get well gifts

You can use them in YOUR business!



~Nursing homes, hospice, cancer centers

~Massage therapists

~Any medical facility, nurses

~Physical Therapists


~Any Sports related offices



All Natural, Satisfactory, and Made in the U.S.A

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