Product Description and Use

Pillow Specifics:

~ Comes in colorful 100% cotton material.
~ Are 5 1/2 x 21 inches long.

~ Can be used hot or cold

~ Dust and allergen-free

~Environmentally friendly

~Made with clean and dried cherry pits


For hot pack use:

~ Heat in microwave for up to 2 minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave, heating in 30 second increments until desired temperature is achieved. You can mist the pillow with water if moist heat is desired.

(Caution is advised when heating cherry pit pillows, be careful when applying to skin, making sure it is not too hot .)


For cold pack use:

~ Place pillow in a freezer bag and into freezer for 1-2 hours for a cold compress. Remove pillow from freezer bag prior to use. 

Washing your cherry pit pillow:

~ Place cherry pit pillow in a pillow case and place in washing machine on gentle cycle. You may wash it with other clothes in the machine with like colors. Or you may wash it in your dishwasher by placing it on the top wash rack. You may also hand wash your pillow in a basin of cold water with a gentle detergent.


Drying your cherry pit pillow:

~I suggest air drying your cherry pit pillow after washing. Lay on a thick towel either in the sun or on a counter. Another way is to put in your clothes dryer in a pillow case with other clothes (not a heavy load) and dry for about 20 minutes and lay on a counter space and let finish air drying.


Generally Thermal Cherry Pit Pillows do not need to be washed that often:) 

**Caution: If you have dogs or cats- 

There are some food products that are not  good for our little dogs and cats, so make sure they do not tear into your Cherry Pit Pillow! Just eating cherry pits can be poisonous to their little bodies, same effects as raisins, apple seeds, etc.....You can always Google and find out more on this kind of info!:) 


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