Cozy Cherries


* U.S. Domestic USPS Shipping is FREE!

* All cherry pit pillows are shipped USPS . I use Flat Rate Shipping for orders within the United States .

*Shipping rates may vary according to where items are shipped. International rates vary also.

Call or email me before I ship your international order and I will

confirm the shipping cost. 

*The time frame for delivery can fluctuate. If I have the fabric in house, then delivery will only be a couple of days, but since I have listed so many fabrics for you to choose from, some of them will have to be ordered at the time that you place your order. This will delay delivery to approximately 2 weeks, but I always try for sooner than later. I try to keep up with fabrics that I have listed as to them being in stock. If I have missed something and the item is out of stock, I will give you a full refund and you can visit the website to see if the item is back in stock and you can re-order, or you may select another fabric to replace the one not in stock. As always, thank you!

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